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Administrative Departments

Human Resources

UMBC Policies


Freeman A. Hrabowski,III
Phone: 410.455.2274
Email: hrabowski@umbc.edu
Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Philip Rous
Phone: 410.455.2333
Email: rous@umbc.edu
Vice Provost
Faculty Affairs
Patrice McDermott
Phone: 410.455.3150
Email: mcdermot@umbc.edu
College of Engineering & Information Technology
Julia Ross
Phone: 410.455.3270
Email: jross@umbc.edu
The Erickson School
Judah Ronch
Phone: 443.543.5647
Email: ronch@umbc.edu
Vice President
Student Affairs
Nancy Young
Phone: 410.455.2393
Email: nyoung@umbc.edu
General Counsel
David Gleason
Phone: 410.455.2709
Email: gleason@umbc.edu
Undergraduate Education
Vice Provost
Diane M. Lee
Phone: 410.455.2859
Email: dlee@umbc.edu
College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Scott Casper
Phone: 410.455.2385
Email: casper@umbc.edu
Vice Provost
Division of Professional Studies
Exec. Dir., The Shriver Center
John S. Martello
Phone: 410.455.2493
Email: martello@umbc.edu
Vice Provost
Academic Affairs
Antonio Moreira
Phone: 410.455.6576
Email: moreira@umbc.edu
College of Natural & Mathematical Sciences
William LaCourse
Phone: 410.455.5827
Email: lacourse@umbc.edu
Dean and Vice Provost
Graduate Education
Janet Rutledge
Phone: 410.455.1781
Email: jrutledge@umbc.edu
Vice President
Administration & Finance
Lynne Schaefer
Phone: 410.455.2939
Email: lschaefer@umbc.edu
Vice President
Institutional Advancement
Gregory Simmons
Phone: 410.455.1452
Email: gsimmons@umbc.edu
Vice President
Information Technology
John Suess
Phone: 410.455.2582
Email: jack@umbc.edu
Vice President
Karl Steiner
Phone: 410.455.5636
Email: steinerk@umbc.edu