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Respectful dialogue

February 2, 2017 12:34 PM

UMBC is committed to welcoming, engaging, and inspiring inquisitive minds from all backgrounds, and it is our collective responsibility to support and respect each other.

Unfortunately, from across the state and throughout the nation this past week, the news media has reported acts of intolerance and hate crimes. We are encouraged that our students, faculty, and staff have been engaged in productive community events and discussions, listening to different perspectives on the future of our country. UMBC is a model for inclusion -- not because all members of our diverse community agree with one another, but because we engage with difficult issues and are respectful in our disagreements.

However, we know no campus, including ours, is immune to acts of intolerance. All of us have the responsibility to protect and support each other. We encourage anyone who witnesses or is the victim of a hate/bias incident, harassment, or a hate crime to report the matter to the UMBC Police DepartmentOffice of Student LifeOffice of Human Resources, or Office of Human Relations.

UMBC is and will remain a place that values inclusion, diversity, and respect for all members of our community.

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