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Inclusivity and freedom of expression on campus

March 20, 2017 11:08 AM
Dear Members of Our UMBC Community,

UMBC is committed to inclusive excellence, social justice, and freedom of expression. As a diverse academic community, we have many opportunities to thoughtfully engage in discussion and advocacy on issues that matter to each of us.

Over the past several weeks, UMBC, like other universities across the nation, has seen incidents of signage that is unauthorized and which has also caused concern among many campus constituents. Free speech, including signage with messages that are not consistent with campus values, is protected on public campuses such as ours. However, signage of any kind must comply with our university policies on campus postings. 

UMBC recently found and removed posters and stickers that failed to follow our campus policy for posting of notices and event signage. This policy notes requirements, for example, that posted materials include the name of a sponsoring organization and that they be posted on fixtures designed to hold advertisements. If you see signage that you believe violates university policy, please contact the Commons Administration at 410-455-3455 or UMBC Police after hours. University staff will continue to remove postings that do not meet university policy.

We thank everyone for showing a commitment, every day, to support UMBC as a community that prioritizes both vibrant dialogue and mutual respect.

President Freeman Hrabowski
Provost Philip Rous
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