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Spring Semester Welcome

January 29, 2019 10:55 AM
Dear Members of the UMBC Community,

We are delighted to welcome you for the start of the spring semester. The beginning of a new semester provides each of us an opportunity to reflect on our shared goals and values. As we focus on our aspirations, we must also remain mindful of the events taking place in our region and across the nation and world.

Many in our UMBC, local, and regional communities, along with people across the country, are still feeling the effects of the partial federal government shutdown that ended this past weekend with enactment of legislation to fund the federal government through February 15. As we begin the new semester, there are UMBC students, alumni, and families under financial stress. As we continue to hope for a prompt resolution that will avert another shutdown and fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year, we ask everyone in our community to consider those affected by the shutdown and what they might do to help. We know Retrievers are generous people who give their time and other resources to help those in need. Please consider donating to Retriever Essentials, which aims to combat food insecurity in our UMBC community.

UMBC is a community committed to our shared vision of advancing knowledge, prosperity, and social justice by welcoming and inspiring inquisitive minds from all backgrounds. In these times of both challenge and opportunity, we invite all members of our diverse UMBC family to connect with each other in the spirit of mutual respect, dignity, and understanding. Let us remember that each of us has a story, and that our unique perspectives enrich UMBC and help us reach our shared goals.

During this new semester and beyond, we encourage all members of the UMBC community to explore every angle our inclusive campus has to offer by seeking out new experiences and talking with and learning more about people from different backgrounds. Our Mosaic Center, which celebrates its 15th Anniversary next month, offers many opportunities to expand your horizons. Please review the Mosaic calendar of events and extend your understanding of our diverse campus community. We also encourage you to visit our diversity and inclusion website and to suggest additional resources to promote through

Thank you for all you do to strengthen our community, and best wishes for the new semester.

President Freeman Hrabowski and Provost Philip Rous
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